Fake Bamboo Tree Artificial Greenery Plants in Nursery


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  • 🎄 PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL–This 5 ft. tall artificial bamboo tree is made of durable and premium material which will last for a lifetime. The pot is lightweight plastic and the surface is covered with simulated moss. With polyester leaves, this artificial bamboo tree is a great decor for displaying in hotel, office lobbies, foyers, living room and so on.
  • 🎄 REALISTIC GREENERY DECOR–Carefully crafted to mimic the appearance of a real-life planted bamboo tree, looking as close to reality as possible, this fake bamboo tree plant will impress people most. It can be placed in anywhere, just like real plant to let you feel the presence of nature and no need to water it daily or to offer special attention.
  • 🎄 EASY TO CLEAN–Unlike live trees & plants, the artificial leaves, trunk & pot are all crafted out of plastic and polyester material which makes it so easy to keep clean. If they happen to get a little dusty, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth or duster. This artificial plant will maintain its height, color and shape for years without pruning and shaping to ensure the aesthetic is maintained.
  • 🎄 IDEAL FOR HOME AND OFFICE–Our fake bamboo tree is a perfect indoor floor decoration. Though a popular pick among corporate decorators designing office space and headquarter buildings, the fake plants is also a great attraction at parties, themed events or just for decorating your place. It can be placed and carried easily everywhere you desire.
  • 🎄 ADJUSTABLE TREE BRANCHES–Outfitted with sturdy metal wires, the branches of these artificial air plants can be adjusted the position as needed. This unique feature provides an authentically natural look.
Material of Branches and Twigs: Plastic and Iron Wire
Material of Trunk: Wood
Leaves Fabric: Polyester
Plastic Pot Included
No need for water, sun and fertilizer
Polyester leaves are easy to clean
Branches with sturdy metal wires can be adjusted the position as needed
Great for displaying in hotel or office lobbies, foyers, living room, reception or waiting rooms

★5.5Ft Green Ficus Tree★
Includes 2 Trunks and 756 Leaves
Net Weight: 10 lbs
Total Height: 5.5′
Pot Diameter: 7″
Number of Trunk: 2
Number of Leaf: 756
Package Include:
1 x Artificial Ficus Tree

★4Ft Green& Red Ficus Tree★
Net Weight: 7 lbs
Total Height: 4′
Pot Diameter: 6″
Number of Trunk: 2
Number of Leaf: 504
Package Include:
1 x Artificial Ficus Tree

★5Ft Bamboo Tree★
Net Weight: 9 lbs
Total height: 5′
Pot diameter: 7″
Number of trunk: 8
Number of leaf: 1095
Package Include:
1 x artificial bamboo

★6Ft Wisteria Tree★
Net Weight: 13 lbs
Total height: 6′
Pot diameter: 8″
Number of trunk: 2
Number of leaf: 1260
Package Include:
1 x artificial wisteria tree

★3.5Ft Palm Tree★
Net Weight: 7 lbs
Total height: 43″
Pot diameter: 6″
Number of trunk: 5
Number of leaf: 28
Package Include:
1 x artificial palm tree


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